About Bowers School Farm

Welcome to YOUR local farm! Owned and operated by Bloomfield Hills Schools (BHS) since 1967, the Bowers School Farm has been a place for schools and our community to gather and celebrate agriculture. Now, more than ever, food, farming, and the outdoors are essential to healthy living and harmony with the world around us. With over 93 acres of forest, fields, gardens, and barns, there is always something new to explore. 

As a non-profit organization, our public funding through the BHS general fund supports teaching and learning activities for the K-12 schools. Additional activities are made possible by the generosity of our visitors and funded through user fees, memberships, donor support, and the sales of our farm-fresh products. Recreation, family, and special events are core to our mission as we build a sense of belonging and “place” for all who enter our gates. 

We welcome every visitor to discover and wonder in the world around them by partnering with our community to provide fun and enriching experiences.

Farm Management Team

picture of director alan

Alan Jaros


Alan is the Director of the Bowers School Farm and the Johnson Nature Center, leading the expansion of the educational facility since 2016. …

picture of brooke

Brooke Larm

Education Specialist

Brooke grew up in Northern Michigan playing along the banks of the AuSable River, immersed in adventure and discovery provided the by changing seasons of the outdoor environment…

Erin Watson

Guest Experience Specialist

Erin has been a volunteer in the Bloomfield Hills Schools community since 2011 and first experienced Bowers Farm as a parent chaperone … it’s held a special place in her heart …

Kate Bell

Farm Manager

Kate has been part of the Bowers School Farm community for several years, first as a visitor, then as a volunteer, then as part of the Instructional Staff….

Tina Baugh


Laurie Simonelli

Paulina Hakopian

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Teacher

Jessica has been a team member since spring of 2015. Jessica began an Educational Farm Guide for field trips and community tours. With a background in Animal Science from Michigan State University, teaching about agriculture and engaging people in the process…

Jessica Lynn

Programs & Systems

Event Coordinator

Camp Coordinator

Learning Expedition Leader

Leigh Rowe

Early Childhood Leader

Resident Farmer

Kate Debs

Carlie Thueme

Production Garden Coordinator

Operation Team:

  • Brian Mingus

  • Haley Kaluzny

  • Colvin ‘Cal’ Taylor

Souri Gaillard

Jackie Doran

Program Support Specialist

Chef Educator

Megan Isabell

Michelle Golembieski

Farm Educational Team:

  • Amy Cardin

  • Patty Watson

  • Lydia Virzi

  • Christie McGraw

  • Nicki Sanom

  • Tracy Niyo

Community Guide Team:

  • Sara Covatta

  • Lauren Denby

  • Charlotte Rapids

  • Lisa Mazzola

  • Rajaa Sheena

Guest Service Associates:

  • Noelle Simonelli

  • Greg Altman

  • Amy Garza

  • Michelle Guzzo

  • Nadene Jensen

  • Lisa Kraiza

  • Bella McClary

  • Charlotte Siddall

  • Nicholas Simonelli


Building for the Future

Bowers School Farm provides a unique platform within our community to provide engagement, fun, and opportunities that are “outside the box.”


Animal Welfare & Care

The Bowers Farm Operating Procedures are evaluated annually to reflect the most current science and best management practices within veterinary and animal industries.

We have a big role in developing an understanding of agriculture, which is a task that isn’t taken lightly. This includes the importance of animal welfare in our food system and how animal agriculture connects to our daily lives.

Globally, 54% of people live in a city, a number that continues to rise. For many students, a field trip to Bowers School Farm is the only exposure to agriculture they may experience. The Farm provides a unique and safe environment where learners can ask questions and engage in dialogue surrounding modern food production with practitioners, experts and educators.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements