Community Classes

Register early to ensure availability.

  • Winter Birth Celebration

    All ages

    We have special barn visits during the winter to see the newborn animals. We expect to have lambs, kid goats, and piglets being born starting in December for our visitors next year.

    Cost: $12 per person (members $2 off)

    Dates: January 21, February 10, March 10

    Registration starts December 5.

    Limited availability.

  • Youth at the Farmhouse

    Literature at the Farm: Farmhouse

    Books! Food! Creative Writing! Farm fun! What could be better? Students will read an award-winning book, participate in farm-related activities, and then create a very special book of their own. Our book for this winter session is called Farmhouse, by Sophie Blackall.

    January 13, 2024


    Grades 2-5

  • Youth playing in Snow

    Farm Investigations: Frosty Farm Fun!

    Bundle up and head to the Farm for some Frosty FUN! We will meet the new animal arrivals, explore the winter environment, and design and create a “Fence Post Frosty” in our maker space. Warm up with cocoa and donuts and share a winter-themed story.

    January 20, 2024


    Grades: K-2

  • Farmer Patty in the Production Garden

    Intro to Gardening and Soil Health

    In this introductory course for community adults and teens, we will explore successful strategies for small-scale gardening in Michigan climates and present best practices for improving soil health by utilizing compost. This hands-on series of classes will help you prepare a space for growing various plants

    All 4 Dates Included in Series:

    February 3 9:00-10:30a; March 5 6:30-8:00p; April 11 6:30-8:00p; May 11 9:00-10:30a

    Ages 16+

  • Youth Feeding Chickens

    Farm Investigations: Love Your Local Farm

    Come and share the love on the farm! See our new babies and investigate the barns. Create valentines for yourself and some to spread the joy to a local senior center. While you're creating, enjoy a warm cup of cocoa and a farm-fresh donut.

    February 11, 2024


    Grades K-2

    Grades 3-5

  • Sheep

    Farm Investigations: Wooly Workshop

    A scientific exploration of wool and sheep! Students will investigate our sheep and learn about the uses and properties of wool through a variety of crafts and hands-on experiments.

    March 16, 2024


    Grades K-2

    Grades 3-5

  • Youth with Pony

    Love a Pony

    Join us in this fun-filled session where children ages 3-5 will work hands-on with our ponies. Children will learn how we care for our ponies and ride a pony while building skills that involve confidence, independence, safety, and fun!

    Ages 3-5: Children must be under 55 lbs for the health and safety of our ponies

    April 10 3:30-5:00p

    April 17 3:30-5:00p

    May 7 12:30-2:00p

  • Student planting seeds

    Farm Investigations: Use Less, Grow More

    Join us for projects and experiments to celebrate our beautiful planet! We will get out our shovels and explore how certain materials break down in the “soil food web.” Kids will create a healthy soil mix for their seed of choice and get creative by making an “urban pack kit” that can be used for lunches or meals on the go (a great alternative to single-use plastics).

    April 13, 2024


    Grades K-2

    Grades 3-5

  • Youth Walking a Horse

    Hold Your Horses

    This 2-part program is designed to provide a foundation for working successfully with and around horses. Participants will gain new insights and skills that will enrich their time spent with and around horses and make them more proficient in their care and safety.

    Ages 11-14: April 20; April 27 9:30-11:00a

    Ages 6-10: May 11; May 18 9:30-11:00a

  • Youth Hiking in the Forest

    Literature at the Farm: The Hike

    Books! Food! Creative Writing! Farm fun! What could be better? This program focuses on bringing literature to life on the farm. Students will read an award-winning book, participate in farm-related activities, and then create a very special book of their own. Our book for this spring session will be The Hike by Alison Farrell

    April 27, 2024


    Grades 2-5

  • Youth Holding a Worm

    Farm Investigations: Make the Most of Compost

    What IS compost and why is it so cool? Kids will check out our steaming hot compost pile at the farm to learn about all the microbes using scientific tools such as a microscope. They will also explore the inner workings of a worm farm and discover the benefits they provide to our soil.

    May 4, 2024


    Grades K-2

    Grades 3-5

  • pic of wagon

    Farm Tours

    All ages

    Each season at Bowers School Farm, a different farm tour experience is offered! A knowledgeable and friendly farm guide leads our farm tours. Take a wagon ride through our pastures, experience the gardens, tour our production produce space, and get hands-on with our animals! Tours are open and just right for all ages. Farm members receive a discount.

  • Children with wheelbarrow

    Farm School

    Ages 3 - 10

    An immersive, hands-on, getting dirty, learning big, and exploring what it takes to help keep the farm buzzing along! It takes many hands to make light work and YOU get to be part of the team!

    Ages 3-5: One parents and/or caregiver is required to attend with their child. (included in registration cost)

    Ages 6-10: Kids are to be dropped off and attend without a parent.

  • Diverse Learners Day at the Farm

    Ages 3-17 with caregiver

    This specialized Open Barn program is designed for children with special needs to provide a more accessible experience for the child and their family that might be hesitant to visit the farm due to a child’s complex learning needs or challenges (i.e. sensory needs/responses, language, emotional or social concerns, cognitive learning challenges, physical needs, etc.). During this collaborative program, the instructional guide will work directly with the children (4:1 ratio) to provide specialized instruction and accommodation with animals, gardens, and farm activities during Open Barn. (May-Sept)

General Information

If you are still seeking a greater understanding of a sliding scale model, review the pricing options below.

  • We are unable to either refund or make changes to your program date/time once purchased. Please verify your availability prior to purchase.

  • Sliding Scales have become a preferred model for equitable access to programs to not only accommodate participants of varying income levels but to allow us to continue providing these programs at a lowered cost.

  • We are a community farm, an educational center, and together, we can help meet funding needs for all to have the chance to grow here. If you're able we invite you to choose a slightly higher rate, it would be a profound way to give forward.

  • This is entirely up to YOU, based on your personal financial situation. We encourage you to pay what feels right for you! Please keep in mind that your contributions sustain Bowers School Farm and our mission to welcome every visitor to discover and wonder in the world around them. We understand this system is new and we will not complete any type of income verification.

  • The Farm is funded through the Bloomfield Hills School general fund, which is sourced by the state and provides teaching and learning services for students in the Bloomfield Hills Schools. Here at the farm, our top priority is to support our classroom teachers, providing hands-on learning opportunities. Direct expenses for activities that fall outside of the K-12 teaching and learning mission are passed along to participants of community events hosted by the farm. The hope is that our sliding scale system will help our programs continue to grow and thrive.

  • This is how much we would charge for the workshop if we were not implementing a sliding scale. We aim to welcome all students to attend our programming no matter their financial status and strive to pay our educators a living wage. Sliding scales will continue to let us do both. If you are financially secure and you have the income to pay for ‘wants’ without it affecting your ability to meet your needs then this is the price to choose.

  • This level is for those who would feel the financial pinch if they were to pay the highest price. If you are able to meet your basic needs, but still trying to gain long or short-term financial security then this level is for you.

  • This level is for those that would not be able to attend programs at the full rate. If your financial circumstance would prevent you from attending programs you probably belong here and you deserve a community that honors your price as an equal economic offering as the person who can pay the highest cost.

We keep our program registration numbers to a low capacity to allow the learner to build a deeper connection with our farm and the farm community. Therefore, there are a limited amount of slots available. Please be mindful that if you purchase a price at the lowest end of the scale, when you can truthfully afford the higher prices, you are limiting access to those who need the gift of financial flexibility. (words from Worts and Cunning)

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